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71st Annual Red River Meeting House Association Meeting

Sunday, September 8, 2019

September 8th was the annual meeting at RRMH and it was a beautiful day for a get together. There was plenty of good food, children playing and adults enjoying visiting with old and new friends.

We were blessed to have members of the Benjamin Logan SAR who did a color guard presentation of the flag to open our service. During the day they took time for teachable moments with individuals and children.

Randy McMoran brought the Hopewell Baptist church choir who blessed all with their traditional songs, stringed instruments and presentation of "Let's Go Down to the River to Pray."

Pastor Jim Woodard of Hopewell Baptist Church presented a wonderful message of the importance of the meetinghouse's history. "The people of North Carolina were not willing to listen to James McGready's appeal for seeking God but the people of this area were willing and God moved in such a mighty way that it is known as the Second Great Awakening and impacted our entire nation." He implored all of us to be willing and open to God.

Please join us next year on the 2nd Sunday in September for another annual meeting.

2018 Schochoh Christmas Parade and Christmas Service

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Our usual group and the Sons of the American Revolution teamed up for the parade. Some participants walked while others rode on a float. The weather was nice but damp. The candlelight service was well attended by a full house. The message was brought by Robert Operia on what Christmas was like in the 19th century. Music was provided by Steve Vann, Kathy Sneed and the Guyer family.

23nd Annual Primitive Camp Meeting and Rendezvous

Sunday, October 14, 2018

The fall weekend had less visitors than in previous years, mostly on Saturday due to a traffic accident blocking one of the main highways. Many of our usual campers volunteered Saturday morning to assist the Son of the American Revolution with their float in the Tobacco Festival parade. Instead of a speaker on Friday night we had a time of sharing which was enjoyed by all. Saturday night's service was delivered by Scott Harp and how the revival changed the culture's views on salvation. Sunday morning's service was sparsely attended due to a sudden shower. Dale McCubbins gave a communion service, reminding us of how our society has become more fast paced (and our attention spans shorter).

2018 Spring Blanket Trade Day

Friday, April 6, 2018

Turnout for the spring trade day was low owing to the unusually cold temperatures. This reduced the amount of trading done but allowed for more fellowship and discussion. Plans for another trade day are postponed to allow for regrouping and planning. We thank everyone who came and participated in the previous years.

2017 Schochoh Christmas Parade and Christmas Service

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Our tradition of joining in the Schochoh Christmas parade continued for another year. The weather was quite delightful for a Christmas parade being just a little unseasonably warm for our area. About twenty reenactors took part in the parade. Following the parade we continued our day at the meeting house where we held our annual candlelight service. Attendance for the service was the most we've ever had, we even had to scoot in to make room for more people. The message was delivered by Rev. Michael Edwards, pastor of Adairville Baptist Church. A highlight of the evening was the singing of Silent Night while everyone held candles aloft, creating a sea of lights that was lovely to behold. Following the service we enjoyed cookies, hot chocolate and hot spiced cider prepared by Darlynn Moore.

22nd Annual Primitive Camp Meeting and Rendezvous

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The weekend was very unique and a blessing to all who attended. It seemed like everyone who walked on the grounds had an appointment with God. They either came to be blessed or to bless others. People came from other states to camp and worship. The music was very special thanks to Steve and Joyce Vann, Gloria Ambuske, Laura Grove and the Roush family from Arkansas. Jeremy Krans preached an excellent sermon on Friday night. The auction was unique this year with people taking turns being the auctioneer and was shorter than in years past. The money as usual goes for the upkeep and maintenance of the grounds. The Saturday night service was filled with the presence of God. Some of our reenactors portrayed historical characters who had moved into the area and were in attendance of the great revival. Robert Operia portrayed Barton Stone, an early 19th century preacher from the Lexington area who helped lead the massive Cane Ridge revival of 1803. This revival in Cane Ridge, KY lasted several days and was attended by over 20,000 people. Steve Vann lead the Sunday morning sacrament service in the traditional style of the 1800s. The atmosphere of the service was very sacred and reverent. While many portions of our event are similar from the previous years, each year has a flavor of it's own and makes each year more wonderful than the last. We hope to see you come out next year.

69th Annual Red River Meeting House Association Meeting

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Beautiful weather with a soft breeze blew across the grounds while supporters and visitors from nearby states and even far away China were sharing their favorite potluck dishes and desserts while renewing old friendships and making new acquaintances. President Richard Moore was proud to introduce our speaker, Craig Potts, Executive Director of the Kentucky Heritage Council and State Historic Preservation Office. Mr. Potts is responsible for the identification, protection and preservation of archaeological resources and historic buildings, sites and cultural resources throughout the Commonwealth. His presentation was described as a box within a box: how Red River Meetinghouse fits into Logan County's history and how the county fits into Kentucky's history. President Richard Moore presided over the business portion of our meeting. Mrs Evelyn Richardson was voted to serve as a board member and the association is blessed to have someone so devoted and dedicated to preserving history. The book Camping Memories at the Red River Meetinghouse by Dreama Ruley was just released and a book signing took place on the grounds. The book centers on how the fall event began and how God has worked in many situations concerning the encampment and reenactors involved.

2017 Spring Blanket Trade Day

Friday, March 31, 2017

The 2017 Spring Blanket Trade Day was a welcome weekend of relaxation, fellowship and trading. We welcomed new campers, new traders and new families. We were also blessed to receive a visit from Ellen Stanley who was one of our first campers. The Saturday night trading game was enjoyed by all, especially the children who collected flint rocks and used the trades to further add to their outfits. Parson John preached the Sunday morning service. We had a wonderful time and would love to see you come next year.

21st Annual Primitive Camp Meeting and Rendezvous

Sunday, October 16, 2016

This year marked our 21st Annual Camp Meeting held in the autumn. Following a successful fundraising and construction, this was our first fall event to have modern restrooms on site. We've waited many years to see this dream come true.

The weather was gorgeous with only a rainy Friday afternoon; not enough to leave things muddy all weekend, but enough to get Ky Col. Richard Moore (President of the Red River Meeting House Association) out of the fields farming and able to spend the weekend with us. We also enjoyed having Coy's BBQ on Wheels as our food vendor. We appreciate his company and his food is always delicious.

Johnie Baldwin preached on "The Voice of God" Friday night which was really good. Quote to remember: "...and God said" happens 9 times in the 6 days of creation. God has all authority over everything we give Him. Big or small.

Saturday was really beautiful and we had many visitors. Our annual auction was small until Ellen Stanley arrived with many things from Alan Stanley who recently passed away. He was one of our earlier campers who began the memorial service in honor of Evan McPherson. She donated many things which really added to the excitement and volume of the auction. Robert Operia, Joshua Operia, and Malachi Guyer assisted as auctioneers. One would have an item ready as soon as the other finished, and yet even with four auctioneers the auction still took nearly three enjoyable hours.

Hunter Adams and Beth Operia had a wedding in the spring, but Red River Meetinghouse was really their dream wedding place so they had a renewal of their vows. The wedding was historically accurate with many special moments; some beautiful and some memorable to us.

Sunday was also a gorgeous weather day. Derek Guyer preached on "Intentional Living" and how everything we do should be with a purpose. Quote to remember: This life is more than you. Serve. Give. Purposely live!! Following the service we dined at Coy's BBQ on Wheels, enjoyed visiting with each other and then tore down our camps.

Our theme this year was family and it really showed in our campers and general feel of the weekend. Our campers ranged in age from toddlers to grandparents and all in-between. All during the weekend kids would play around the campsites and in the woods behind the meetinghouse. The adults spent time reconnecting and forging stronger friendships. At times it felt less like a camp out and more like a family reunion. We'd love to have you come visit us next year.

68th Annual Red River Meeting House Association Meeting

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The weather was absolutely perfect for our annual dinner. The participants enjoyed visiting under the shade trees as the children ran and played. Everyone was very happy with our new restroom facilities and anxious to begin raising funds for the pavilion that will be attached to the restrooms. Our speaker, Rick Gregory, was very educational and entertaining with stories about this area. The music was so beautiful. We greatly appreciated Derek Guyer and Steve & Joyce Vann for leading us in worship.