2023 Schochoh Christmas Parade and Christmas Service

After riding in the Schochoh Christmas parade and eating the BBQ at the Schochoh we entered the festive meetinghouse glowing from candle lit lanterns hanging from the rafters and lanterns beside the pews. A new pew had been delivered by James Taylor, it had been a repair project of his and Steven Vann at the fall encampment. James finished the repairs in his workshop at home and delivered it just in time for the Christmas service. Much appreciation to him for the fine looking pew.

The Operia family led us in carols and Robert got our attention with “Why are you here?” as his sermon topic. What is your purpose? The early settlers worked and prepared for the coming winter and had to totally depend upon God for their every need. As we passed our flame to the person next to us we lit the meetinghouse with a beautiful glow. Are we passing our flame to those we encounter each day or are we leaving them in darkness? Let us share the joy of Christ everyday with the light of His love burning inside us.

2023 Annual Primitive Camp Meeting and Rendezvous

A bit of a chill and cloudy skies due to a partial solar eclipse did not deter campers from enjoying their weekend at RRMH. Even some new campers joined in. Testimonies of God's healing power and faithfulness through the year was the sermon for Friday night's service.

Saturday was a mixture of projects being worked on, new campers learning new skills and the auction underneath the pavilion raising money for the upkeep of the grounds. Robert Operia preached at the evening service about our life being a sermon to the world.

Sunday morning he preached about the armor of God and Steven Vann shared a sermon that James McGready might have preached to his congregants at RRMH.

75th Annual Red River Meeting House Association Meeting

First time having the annual dinner on our new tables! The pavilion was decorated with chrysanthemums and tablecloths. Items for sale was displayed on a small table beside a table with photos of past annual dinners. The tables were crowded with many dishes of delicious foods. Everyone had a seat at the table and no one had to worry about walking on uneven ground. The pavilion is a wonderful addition to the grounds.

Adairville Baptist Church quartet led the congregational singing and sang special songs by request. Kevin Armistead of Gallatin, TN delivered a sermon that stirred our hearts and awakened a new desire to uncover more history of the Great Revival. Mr and Mrs John from Lebanon, TN led communion by opening prayer in Hebrew and serving the elements as would have been done in Jesus' time.

Korean Prayer Warriors

Ten delegates from South Korea came to RRMH to pray for the American churches. They want the American church to rise up and be the leader she used to be. They have noticed as they visited around that many pastors are discouraged and many are just closing the door and giving up. Its really sad! We do need prayer.

Dr Choy's church sent 20 teams last time and this time they sent 40 teams, 7-10 in a group equaling 410 people. They are positioned from the east coast to the west, north to south. There were 3 groups in Ky visiting churches and praying here and at Lexington and Corbin. Each person paid their own way and had 2 months to prepare.

They sang and prayed in Korean, prayed with us as a group and prayed specifically over President Richard Moore and Darlynn's ministry at RRMH.

Ms Evelyn Richardson met us at Roys BBQ and led them to the other sites of the Great Revival. Everyone had a wonderful time regardless of the language difference, because God's love is the same, all the time and everywhere!

2023 Spring Primitive Camp Meeting

A cold and rainy weekend, but a wonderful time of fellowship. Friday evening consisted of each one giving a recap of what the Lord has been doing in their lives. Saturday's potluck was followed by a memorial service for Norm Poppy, a member of our group who was called home in January. 

An amazing thing happened! A flat bed trailer and truck came onto the grounds carrying picnic tables for the pavilion. Everyone was surprised, especially President Richard Moore who did not know the tables were ready. They were built by the Logan County High School ag class and are beautiful, and well made.  The FFA teacher did not know anyone would be at the meetinghouse to open the gate for him and he had lost Richard's phone number.  He came on a whim and God rewarded him by having men ready to unload the tables. This was not a coincidence, but a God encounter.

The Sunday sermon preached by Robert Operia was "What are you preaching?" He expounded on how each of us is a preacher to those around us and they are our church.

Day of Prayer

Not being able to attend the revival at Asbury University, Darlynn Moore, Dreama Ruley and Shamirah Nakassi opened RRMH for a day of prayer by posting on Facebook. Darlynn greeted each one in the parking lot as they arrived and encouraged them as they left. Dreama and Shamirah prayed with and encouraged those who came in to the meetinghouse. It was not a church service or planned meeting, but a time of following the Holy Spirit as He led.

People came all throughout the day and evening, praying, worshiping and encouraging others. The morning group was mainly retirees, those who have plowed the field in prayer for many years. The afternoon and evening were the younger people, those who have now picked up the baton of prayer. It was a glorious time in the sweet presence of Jesus.

Darlynn said,  "Approximately 100 people made their way through the parking lot gate or the drive through gate... There were babies, toddlers, children, young and old alike, and there were people from all walks of life. The beauty of the day was that prayers were prayed, singing and preaching were heard, hope was reinstated, and the hearts of God's people were stirred, changed and awakened. God was praised and glorified in it all. "

2022 Schochoh Christmas Parade and Christmas Service

It was a cold day, but a good day for a parade. Laughter filled the air as we rode on the wagon to downtown Schochoh throwing candy to happy spectators and yelling invites to our 4:00 service.

The annual BBQ dinner at the community center resumed this year after being absent for 2 years due to Covid restrictions. It was good to be together again with fellow parade participants.

The meetinghouse was full and spirits were excited to usher in the Christmas holiday with the candlelight service. Old quilts were draped across pews, lanterns swung from the rafters and sat beside the pews giving a soft glow to the meetinghouse as people came in and found their seats. Hot cider, hot cocoa and cookies of various kinds were given freely to all who came in from the cold.

The Operia family led the singing of Christmas carols in the glow of lantern light. Robert preached about the simplicity of Christ and we should remain focused on Him throughout the season, not allowing the stress of the holiday into our hearts.

The evening was brought to a close as we sang “Silent Night” and shared our little candlelight with those beside us until the little church was bursting with light. What a wonderful way to usher in the holiday of Christmas!

2022 Annual Primitive Camp Meeting and Rendezvous

The evening services were quite different this year. Tom and I hung white blankets on the front wall of the meetinghouse as a screen and shared the documentary in segments with our campers. We even had popcorn for everyone to eat as we watched the documentary.

We never know who might come to visit the grounds. We are always ready to pray and encourage anyone we meet, as well as include them in our event.

Last spring the history lesson was unique with Darlynn having Vanns play songs before Tom talked about the living conditions and I the revival. We did that again and I think it really adds a nice touch to the guest's experience.

74th Annual Red River Meeting House Association Meeting

The day's activities were spent at the Schochoh Community Center due to much rain the night before and ending just before we began our dinner. The turnout was light, but we still had a good time and plenty of food. This was the first one since 2020 so people are already out of the habit and some have died or are too old to make the trip.

We had an 8-piece band play gospel music for about an hour. It was beautiful. Diane Krulik arranged for the music.

Our speaker was Joe Hendricks, Circuit Court Judge, Logan County, KY. He spoke on how the freedom of religion became part of the constitution of the United States. It was very enjoyable and educational. He is a member of the SAR.

Documentary Showing

History of the Red River Revival
Western Kentucky's Role in The Great Awakening”

Steven Ray with the Hopkins County Genealogical Society has worked three years on a documentary of the history of the Red River Revival. It is now complete and available for viewing and owning. Ms Evelyn Richardson, Glenda Clark, and Dr Michael Knight share important facts and accounts as each site is visited in the documentary.

August 27, 2022 the Church of God in Madisonville, Ky hosted the first showing of the documentary. Attendees were blessed by beautiful singing and the question/answer time following the documentary.

If you would like a copy of this documentary, please send a 64 or 128 flash-drive and $5 for postage to:

Hopkins County Genealogical Society, 
c/o Theresa Ray, 
P O Box 51, 
Madisonville, KY 42431-0051

Theresa's number is (270)245-0250. If you want to send a text that you have sent the drive, she will be watching for your package and will let you know when it arrives and when she mails yours she will send you a text. Donations to the Genealogical Society would be appreciated too, especially for all their hard work and willingness to share the documentary.