2022 Spring Primitive Camp Meeting

Sunny skies and warm weather made for comfortable camping. Young ladies were dancing and playing as others learned how to reset tombstones, taught by David Wilkins.

Shamirah Nakazzi shared her testimony of becoming a Christian in Uganda and how she found the meetinghouse in Kentucky.

The sermons were preached by Robert Operia and his family led the worship.

It was a refreshing, restful time for all and we praise God for RRMH.

2021 Schochoh Christmas Parade and Christmas Service

The day was beautiful for a parade except for the wind that was fairly strong. No one remembered to buy candy so all we could do was wave and yell an invitation for people to join us at our candlelight service. Some people threw candy to us. That was fun!

We were supposed to turn into the drive that led to the community center but someone had the road blocked so Steve Gove had to take us to the meetinghouse. He drove much faster than he had in the parade and we held on dearly. After dropping some off at the meetinghouse, he drove us back to our cars at the beginning of the parade route.

Our service was beautiful. There were some empty seats, probably due to people still having fears of Covid spread and others were probably not sure if we'd even have the service.

Steven Vann was in charge. Following an appropriate carol, he had a friend read prophecies from the Old Testament and then Tom and I took turns reading the fulfillment in the New Testament. It was educational and amazing how it all flowed together.

2021 Annual Primitive Camp Meeting and Rendezvous

Brianna Heitzman, Glenda Clark and Robert Operia were the speakers. Services held outdoors due to large crowd and covid restrictions. It was a beautiful fall weekend.

73rd Annual Red River Meeting House Association Meeting

The Annual Dinner/Business Meeting was held outdoors due to continuing covid restrictions. Rev. Phillip Alexander was the speaker.

2021 Spring Primitive Camp Meeting

It was a very cold and rainy weekend but we were introduced to Glenda Orme Clark's book,  A Table in the Frontier; Pioneers, Protestants and The Presence of God. This is an amazing book about how the Great Revival impacted the Gallatin area so it includes the events that occurred at Red River Meetinghouse and Logan County, Kentucky.

Sheridan Gove Memorial Service

A memorial service was held in honor of Sheridan Gove who died April 5, 2021. He was one of our campers with his children, Haskell and Torin.

2020 Schochoh Christmas Parade and Christmas Service cancelled

Christmas parade and candlelight service were cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

2020 Annual Primitive Camp Meeting and Rendezvous Cancelled

Fall camp canceled due to predicted hurricane winds and Covid restrictions.

72nd Annual Red River Meeting House Association Meeting

The annual dinner/business meeting held outdoors with social distancing maintained.  Due to covid only board members were allowed.

2020 Spring Primitive Camp Meeting

Our Spring encampment due to covid regulations was private and only open to campers only.  All activities were held outside and proper distancing was maintained for everyone's safety. Frank Jarboe was the speaker.