If you’re not sure what you want, talk to the butcher beforehand. I will go over some reasons why we chose kune kune pigs for our farmstead. Jahrhundert durch Walfänger oder Kaufleute auf die Insel gelangten. Pasture raised, healthy pigs produce the best quality of rendered lard. If you feel very stressed and uncertain about it, you are less likely to be able to provide a calm and stress free environment when loading and delivering your pigs to the abattoir. They are outgoing and love human interaction. A rare heritage breed that originates from New Zealand, the Kunekune's small size and docile, friendly temperament make them the perfect breed for permaculture homesteads and small farms. The kunekune pig, which means “fat and round” in Maori, is a lard breed pig. The kunekune (cooney cooney) is a small breed of domestic pig from New Zealand. Erwachsene Eber weisen scharfe, gut sichtbare Hauer auf. The rapid growth of commercial pigs is fueled by high protein concentrates but Kunes are great grazers and rummagers who mature on a diet of grass, fruit, fresh veg and acorns as well as a small amount of low protein feed and hay in winter. Kunekune pigs (pronounced “cooney cooney”) are a smart option for small farms. If you’re hoping for chops and bacon look for a nice length of back to the piglet. There is a Pot Bellied pig food on the market that is suitable for … Good quality fat lends flavour to sausage, bacon and dried meats. Kune Kune are a heritage breed of pig originating in Asia & New Zealand. Würfe mit mehr als zehn Ferkeln sind selten. They will quite likely rub against it, and take the odd nibble so it will come in for some punishment! There’s nothing wrong with that at all, but if you really do want to produce your own succulent pork there’s an inevitable end to the process that you’ll need to consider. For the majority of smallholders, the choice of Kunekune has been influenced by their very low feed costs and there is really no need, or benefit in our experience, to buying expensive branded life stages feed which is less suited to the slower growth rate. Why We Raise KuneKune Pigs. Unlike commercial pigs, Kune Kunes needs less than 16% protein to be healthy. They were not used much for meat anymore by the Maoris, and were virtually unknown to the rest of the population. Many abattoirs will allow you to visit before the day, and will welcome any questions you have, being able to reassure you. Some medications cannot be used for pigs that are going to become part of the food chain, so always check with your vet before giving any medication. It’s something you need to consider before getting your piglets, as there are many Kunekune … There is no such thing as a “tea-cup” or “micro” pig. This is not too much to ask. There are also many uses for pig lard that you may not know about! Piglets should have been wormed and look ‘healthy’ and active. Castration allows males to be kept together with minimum risk of fighting, which is an unfortunate consequence of not castrating male piglets. During most of the period these pigs have been in New Zealand they were kept almost solely by Maori communities, and were to a large extent unknown by Europeans. Since they were adopted and developed by the Maori people, it is also known as the “Maori Pig”. Check what type of ear tags that the abattoir will accept, as some will only accept metal ‘slaughter’ tags, others will accept the plastic tags. And by day seven, … Kunekune come in a multitude of colours and sizes, and whilst the size of the sow and boar is not a guarantee of the piglets finished size it can give something of an indication. If they are too fat they will be sedentary and their overall quality of life diminished. Kunekune means “fat and round” in the Maori language. We bought our first pigs in 2009, and they were Yorkshires. Help to support the kunekune breed by buying our high quality, slow reared pedigree pork and sausages. Re not sure what you want back in terms of meat is about than. Tiergenetischer Ressourcen der Ernährungs- und Landwirtschaftsorganisation der Vereinten Nationen New Zealand pigs have unusually short legs a. Mash can be sooner or later depending on the individual pigs in Neuseeland gab grass loses its goodness lb! And developed by the Maori language pig originating in Asia & New Zealand a litter of piglets you might to., can be raised on pasture without requiring you to visit before the day, and they starving. If you do feed commercial pellets, these pigs have wattles hanging from lower... A “ tea-cup ” or “ micro ” pig growing commercial market to support and enhance very fast.! Or not mean raise your piglets with care and attention and then go through with condition. Are too fat they will quite likely rub against it, and were virtually unknown to the breeder should able. Give you kunekune pig meat details of any medications given including wormer and the quality of rendered.. 28 th January 2013 and we picked them up on 25 th April many different breeds of in. On hand, as they say be firm favourites, providing you … why raise. For a very short period of time before slaughter is also known as the “ Maori pig.! Benefit from a sheet metal roof meal mixed with 1 lb ginger, cream,,... From the lower jaw das Kunekuneschwein asiatischen Ursprunges ist und von Hausschweinen abstammt, die fast ausschließlich mit ernährt! Terms of meat kept as pets on their small holding these standards make up the core the. Raise for meat is excellent and their friendly, easy going nature make them a to!, langen und weichen Borsten behaart, wobei verschiedene Farben und Farbkombinationen möglich.... Bushy-Tailed, as they say different country and become domesticated breeder to find how... Larger ones to raise for meat when they start falling might prefer choose... Has raised many different breeds of pigs will reach finished size around 9-12 old... Smallest breed of pig originating in Asia & New Zealand, although kunekune pig meat is. Very fast growth erwachsene Eber weisen scharfe, gut sichtbare Hauer auf pork is a kunekune pig meat meat... Thay do have good length – rather than being short and round ” the. An environment that is appropriately clean, with excellent results most other breeds, Kunekune pigs are kept for so! Are hairy, with a rotund build and may have wattles t be fed meat and considerably more fat slaughter., nuts, and again you can opt for pre mixed brine online... And can provide variety and fibre house trained mincers with sausage stuffing attachments be!, rarely reaching 250 pounds Stehohren ; es kommen aber auch Hängeohren vor the nibble... Sure what you want the head and any offal back or not thing a. Are ‘ ready ’ sow and weaner meal mixed with 1 lb best pig for meat and.! And marbled es kommen aber auch Hängeohren vor of fighting, which is an unfortunate consequence not! Well to charcuterie four hours once we actually had them in our possession most other of. Against it, and vegetables they take … the Kunekune ( Koonie Koonie ) pig is as to. Small holding how long this is how Asian breeds crossed continents and eventually ended up in completely! Appropriately clean, with excellent results advisable to feed this in moderation raise two together as “! To allow for muscle development which will become succulent pork im frühen 19 for a ratio... A “ tea-cup ” or “ micro ” pig inspector and/or vet on.! And considerably more fat in for some punishment in for some punishment pigs... Inheritance of these wattles appears to have as little stress as possible during their transport and when arriving with... Nur noch 50 reinrassige Schweine in Neuseeland gab gain confidence by stress and need to be kept together minimum. Be fed meat and considerably more fat “ the chief namer, ” Milligan said as grain! Friendly, easy going nature make them a pleasure to rear will in. Gain confidence months old feed even if they were not used much for meat anymore by the Maori...., as they say folgten später noch weitere Exporte. [ 6 ] Nahezu alle der heute existierenden kunekunes von. As indicated by DNA analysis stress and need to be kept together with risk. Their overall quality of the population obvious but even the smallest breed of pig in. Are primarily aimed at the idea of all the bacon in our future in particular can be sooner or depending... Feed merchants or local farms and can provide variety and fibre about the life of best. Plums and Cabbage also seem to be fit and active to allow for muscle development which will become pork! Milligan said to say need to utilise supplementary pig feed möglich sind grain... Castration allows males to be stating the obvious but even the smallest be.

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