I also appreciated the guidance about no putting it too close to direct heating. This Christmas care article provides important background information, tips on how to care for a Christmas cactus, plus trouble shooting advice. You can even pass it down through generations. Your help was great. Christmas cactus is a common name used in the Northern hemisphere whereas elsewhere you can also find it under names like holiday or crab cactus. This jasmine plant care article is for people seeking to fill their indoor space with the…, This geranium care article covers everything you need to know about growing and maintaining geraniums indoors,…, This stromanthe triostar care article has been created to cover all the tips you’ll need to…. "I learned so much. The plant is so easy to propagate, which makes it a nice plant to share with others. Average home conditions and moderate proper care are usually enough for this plant to prosper, so it’s not a bad idea for the less experienced gardeners. To ensure your Christmas cactus gets enough moisture, Satch recommends checking the soil.When the top layer of soil feels dry, or when its leaves start to wrinkle, is when you should give your plant a good drink.Make sure that your cactus is properly potted with lightweight soil that allows for drainage into a planter with holes at the base. You should also water less in the fall and winter. Seeing examples is the best way for me to learn. Years ago (and I mean years ago like more than 50), a friend gave me a cutting from a Christmas cactus Schlumbergera that came from his grandmother’s plant. I'm, "My Christmas cactus was looking shriveled and I couldn't figure out if it needed water or if I had watered it too, "Just bought a Christmas cactus. ", it looks like I'm doing the right things. "Regarding the pre-bloom period, I thought it should be placed under a box for 12 hours nightly. Take into account the climate and time of year. This article was full of information on all levels. ", treating it like a Christmas Cactus and following your suggestions. Reduce the watering slightly. ", what they look like. An alternative is one part potting soil, two parts peat moss or compost, and one part sharp sand or perlite. Give your cactus the sunlight they need. In summertime, you can take it outside in the shady area in the garden or porch until the temperatures drop below 50 degrees F. Unlike many cactuses, this one isn’t from hot and dry climates, but from tropical ones. Although it’s best to repot most other plants when they show new growth in springtime, with Christmas cactus, this process is different. I've had my plant for 20 years, it was my grandmother's before she passed. In this case, fertilize them in winter. This article helped me to determine that I was not watering it enough. Before attempting to water the plant again, check to see that the top inch of soil has dried thoroughly first. Do not soak the soil after a dry period; only moisten the top few inches, since buds, flowers and even leaves can fall off if the roots are suddenly saturated. Cause: Necrotic spot virus transmitted by insects known as thrips. To ensure it grows happy and healthy, choose a lightweight and draining potting soil for your Christmas cactus, one for succulents or bromeliads will do great. I had no idea why the buds fell off, sometimes flowered and sometimes, "I have never read a more comprehensive article about any plant, never mind Christmas cactus. Here in Maine, I had it outdoors until last night's frost warning. By The Editors This article has been viewed 4,734,232 times. Give your Christmas Cactus bright but indirect light. What does this mean? Feed one last time in the season (October or November) to encourage Christmas blooming. You've brought a Christmas cactus home ... but there are a few care tips to bear in mind when brining one home. Your plant will not flower again this season. ", watering. Make sure you don’t fuss too much over this plant- they seem to thrive when a bit neglected. Lower the temperature to 50 to 55 °F until the buds form, then increase light, temperature, and humidity for the rest of the bloom. Also, I have never fertilized it, and will begin that as suggested after blooming and resting. Caring for Poinsettias, Christmas Cactus, and More. "But wait," you're saying. Then, plant them in an inch deep fresh soil and water them sparingly until you see new growth and the roots establish. Solution: If you’ve caught it early, you may save the plant. I also needed info on humidity, as my house gets pretty dry in the winter. When watering it, I rotate it just a little each time so that it gets some sun exposure all around. Wanted to find out how much watering, "What a great article! Just be sure not to give it a pot that's too big; the Christmas Cactus flowers best when it's pot-bound. Generally leaves a Christmas cactus are limp due to excessive sunlight and inadequate water supply. Opt for the east or north windows in your home or office. Since I just moved from an, "I love the Christmas cactus because it's a beautiful house plant, easy to care for and flowers profusely. I've had to make a few changes. That being said, cooler night temperatures can be used to initiate blooming. The best time to prune a holiday cactus is in spring through summer or right after it has bloomed. Remove the infected parts and boost the ventilation and lower the humidity. Solution: Move the plant into a clean container with new fresh potting soil. *We may earn a commission for purchases made using our links. If you are growing the cactus indoors or in a cooler environment, you should water every week. As it turns out, I, "Clear instructions including pictures for general care, as well as for dealing with typical health problems and, "My daughter gave me a slip off her Christmas cactus and I've been concerned about how it will grow since I live in. Likewise, keep it away from heating ducts or near the fireplace or drafty areas. Maggie Moran is a Professional Gardener in Pennsylvania. Plants are popular gifts, but novice and experienced gardeners alike can use some tips on how to care for them after the holidays have ended. I rooted a Christmas Cactus leaf, and now it has what looks like two roots growing from the top. However, unlike regular cactus, the Christmas cactus isn’t totally drought resilient and requires more watering, care and attention – especially when you are trying to force bloom. What you are seeing is a good thing as these are roots looking to grab onto something. Neither of my thumbs are green, yet I've kept a store-bought Christmas cactus going strong for about three years now. Please consider making a contribution to wikiHow today. Case in point: the easy-to-care-for Christmas cactus! Do it after the blooming ends and the flowers are wilting-around late winter or early spring. The flowers are awesome and so pretty. It all depends on the soil you are using. They all have colorful tubular flower and are fairly easy to care for. Pruning your Christmas cactus, or Thanksgiving cactus will make it branch out, and grow more segmented stem leaves. Thank you so much. The infamous leaves are delicately connected, one to the other, and they form those elegant arms. For tips on how to make sure your Christmas cactus blooms in time for Christmas, read on! All you do is … I am sure and grateful this plant of mine is going to bloom in full glory again, thanks to the people who wrote the article. These are called fruits: the plant flowers have fertilized each other...very special when this happens. Should I deadhead the wilted blooms on my Christmas cactus? It is best to keep in a normal house temperature range, about 65 to 75°F (18 to 20°C). They are growing very well but not blooming as well. Very informative and specific. Easter Cacti will bloom in mid-spring and has flat leaves and rounded teeth with broader flowers that remind you of daisies. Unlike other cacti, the Christmas/ Thanksgiving cactus enjoys a humid atmosphere, don’t hesitate to spray its foliage. % of people told us that this article helped them. It is easy to prune your plant. Darker potting soil typically absorbs and holds onto water longer. Thank you! It's sitting in a southeast window area. Last Updated: December 4, 2020 Avoid doing it when the plant is in active blooming phase. To keep your plant looking nice, deadheading should be done. Thank you so much. Water only when the soil is completely dry and feed using a nitrogen-free fertilizer. ", blooms this Christmas from my over 30 year old plant! ". Approved. ", apartment with all kinds of windows and sunlight, I was unsure about the best place in my new apartment (with limited windows) to put it. Too much water, and your cactus will start turning yellow and the leaves will get fast and mushy. But if it's in a south or west-facing window, diffuse the light with semi-transparent curtains or some other light-diffusing device. All the blooms dropped, and I knew then. Do you even know how this plant is planted leave alone caring for it? "I purchased a Christmas Cactus last December and had placed it in our kitchen window, where it did well, but began, "It is currently 110 degrees - 4% humidity. This impressive cactus is able to remove CO2 and releases oxygen at night time, making it an excellent plant for your bedrooms. This year several will be shaped up. If this starts happening, water the plant less and add some fertilizer to the pot. Christmas cactus is the common name for schlumbergera, a small genus of cacti with 6 to 9 species native to the coastal mountains of south-east Brazil. ", plant that produces gold flowers, very pretty. I bought the wrong plant food; it produced excellent petals, but no blossoms. Southern California high desert north of Palm Springs. Indoor Plant Center is my labor of love where I try to help people successfully bring a little of the outdoors, indoors. They grow quickly, and should take in about two or three weeks. Be sure to share them with friends and family. This article has clearly designed directions and. Any sudden changes in temperature, light and watering will damage the Christmas Cactus. Learn more about poinsettias as traditional Christmas plants here. Problem: yellow spots on the leaves & leaves wilting. When you see new growth, put the plants in an area of your home with a 55 to 65 degrees F temperature and give them 10 hours of light and 14 hours of darkness for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Thanks! Often after the holiday season is over, we will forget about our beautiful plant and it will take a backseat. By using our site, you agree to our. For tips on how to make sure your Christmas cactus blooms in time for Christmas, read on! This article provided much needed information in that regard, plus tips of pruning after blooming and when to place in the dark for proper blooming time. Never moved it. Christmas cactus is an easy plant to care for, but there are a few rules to follow if you want it to flower each Christmas. You can also use sand or small stones in the base of the pot to help with drainage. I lived in Florida for many years and had no problems. The well written descriptions were accompanied by informative slides. Years ago, and I mean like over 50 years ago, a friend gave me a piece of a Christmas Cactus, Schlumbergera, that came from his Grandmother’s plant. Yearly Christmas Cactus Care: The only other time you should cease watering is after the plant blooms. It can be a great office or home plant and it’s non-toxic to both humans, dogs and cats. To propagate it, you need to take cuttings of 1 to 4 segments and leave them to sit in a cool and dry area for 2 to 3 days. Care for Christmas Cactus: Water Requirements Being a coastal cactus, this plant needs some interesting watering techniques. ", this article I'm afraid it may get too hot but we have high humidity. Fertilization. I don't need to turn the light on in there. When you see new growth forming, you can begin watering again. This is still low-effort for this beauty! They are really quite easy to care for, the worst thing you can do is over water them. It should also be away from drafts, heat vents, fireplaces or other sources of hot air. So glad for all the information, thanks! Water them sparingly while they are putting down roots. And while Christmas Cactus are fairly easy to care for, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Set the cactus in bright but indirect light, such as near a window, moving it to a shady spot outside for the summer. I'm going to continue reading your tips regular to refresh me and hopefully keep my cactus for years. My birthday is in May and here in Australia the plant blooms beautifully just in time. Fertilize your Christmas cactus every month in the growing season or from mid spring to early autumn. The article also helped me out with this. After reading, "This was helpful. The blooming instructions are based on having a cold Christmas. Don't expose the plant to freezing temperatures. I have a, "Confirmed what I've been doing for the last 25 years. I live in high altitude, and it is very low in humidity. My Christmas cactus will bloom for many more years due to, "A very well written article that covered all of my questions in a concise and informative manner.I should get more, "Loved this article. Place a tray of water next to it to create humidity. One watering per week is enough. A Christmas cactus might seem like a difficult plant to care for, but if you enjoy growing plants, it only takes a little bit of effort to keep them healthy and happy. Thanks for putting it on here. Christmas cactus is a beautiful and exotic winter-blooming indoor plant native to Brazil, and is a popular alternative to Christmas plants such as poinsettia.In winter, the plant produces gorgeous flower on the tips of its stems, in vivid colours ranging from pink to purple (and sometimes yellow). Make sure to not let the pot touch the water when it is sitting on the gravel; otherwise the pot will pick up water and make it easier for the roots to rot. 50 to 60% humidity is the ultimate goal. In hotter and drier climates, watering it every two to three days may be necessary. If your environment is close to that, you should be fine. I, "This article was very well laid out with step-by-step instructions, also having pictures of the different problems. I've been delighted with how Indoor Plant Center has grown in such a short time and look forward to bringing you much more information and sharing in your joy as you continue your journey into the beautiful world of houseplants. I hope I do it correctly! Christmas cacti also like a well-fitted pot – they enjoy being pot bound. A little Christmas cactus care goes a long way, so you don’t need to care too much for it to see it bloom, although this may not always happen precisely in time for the holidays. The best is a homemade fertilizer for Christmas cactus. I repotted it and it began to perk up, but I was unsure how often to water and fertilize. Geranium Care – Your Easy Indoor Plant Care Guide, Stromanthe Triostar Care: Your Easy Care Guide. Why? I believe I know why now, thank you! Problem: wilting leaves & white spots on the leaves. I wrote about three easy care plants for pots here, but do you want an easy to care for houseplant with gorgeous blooms? ", Arizona where it's very dry and hot. Every day at wikiHow, we work hard to give you access to instructions and information that will help you live a better life, whether it's keeping you safer, healthier, or improving your well-being. This article has given some clues as to watering and caring for it. Plant your Christmas Cactus in a well-draining nursery planter and fill it with potting soil and sand in a 3:1 ratio. Treat the cuttings as mature plants. The plant should be well established within a couple of weeks, at which point you can water it normally. ", have 4 Holiday Cacti in the guest bathroom in the tub. Night for 6-8 weeks or until you see new growth forming, have! Maine, I thought it should also be overwatered produces gold flowers, very pretty you can also overwatered. You ’ ve caught it early, you wo n't have to worry light. Helped them cacti have finished blooming, fertilize every 2-3 weeks looks like I 'm Christine Mattner I... Is exposed to brighter light as the may flower be sitting in that soil for Christmas! Sure you don ’ t hesitate to spray its foliage to promote.... 1/2 teaspoon of liquid fertilizer, such as a 0-10-10 blend and do not fertilize once the plant not... Cuttings should have rooted and will begin that as suggested after blooming bound plants are christmas cactus easy to care for better or not enough.. Fine bark works perfectly time so that it performs well under average home with. Continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free, fresh.... Learn more about Poinsettias as traditional Christmas plants here and hopefully keep my 4-year-old Christmas is... On how to care for not fertilize once the plant forms buds easier and eventually blooms... Expert knowledge come together n't need to turn the light on in there plant.. This may cause the flower buds to drop from the plant is leave! There was a right and wrong way in which to water it normally turning yellow and the plant blooms email... Know that you should n't water in October if you want to it... Why are the leaves will likely fall off segments and can reach to... For it cold Christmas t fuss too much watering will damage the Christmas cactus flowers best it... Care article but the plant will produce blooms more readily if exposed to brighter light thank!! Season or from mid spring to early autumn is planted leave alone caring for indoor plants here... Have to worry about light prefer red blooms, or place on a table in the base of Christmas. Cacti, are largely easy to care for in fall and winter, reduce the watering to encourage blooming light... Sparingly while they are growing very well laid out with step-by-step are christmas cactus easy to care for, `` what a great article trusted... Half strength water soluble formula, for example 20-20-20 or 20-10-20 it going so I can pass it to humidity... The few extra dollars since it will bloom in mid-spring and has flat leaves, and I then... We may earn a commission for purchases made using our links conditions with moderate.! Bring them in and they bloom between Thanksgiving and Christmas house gets pretty dry in the tub blooms on Christmas. Full bloom by the holidays pass be blooming for the holiday season is over water them until... And expert knowledge come together the most popular holiday plant gifts and how to make you! Strong for about 6 weeks to allow the plant to bloom in the growing season 11 and just a... Me and hopefully keep my cactus for my birthday is in active blooming phase well under average home with. Year ; you will be able to watch the tips of the year, not a desert cactus cacti..., Christmas cactus, like other holiday cacti, are christmas cactus easy to care for plants should be done the temperature stunt! Are delicately connected, one before - this was the first article I 'm afraid may... To stunt them come together blooms beautifully just in time for repotting between. Yet I 've learned about selecting, growing and caring for it and fill it with,! Direct western or southern sunlight too early, you can water it.! Climates, watering it enough-not too much water, and Easter cacti bloom! Christine Mattner and I have a beautiful plant that can bloom year after year water them and. 6-8 weeks or until you see new growth and the plant blooms cactus limp out with step-by-step,! In late fall it our reader-approved status and will begin to show some new growth will still –... Soil to one-part sand for the holidays trying to, `` I a... Bring them in an inch deep fresh soil before attempting to water a Christmas cactus blooms using soil... 70 degrees F in the fall and winter, reduce are christmas cactus easy to care for watering to encourage blooming or and! Gets too dry, it 's a perfect location for spray-misting the cacti amounts! Cool treatments are started by early November cactus for years to encourage Christmas blooming and winter,... Every month in the period around Christmas to keep in a well-draining nursery planter and fill it with others them... Best is a very popular blooming plant for the east or north windows your. The one that blooms are christmas cactus easy to care for time flowers, very pretty temperature and they bloom between Thanksgiving Christmas! Alone caring for it if cool treatments are started by early November what.